Result = CheckDatabaseNull(#Database, Column)
Checks if the content of the specified database column is null. This command is only valid after a successful FirstDatabaseRow(), PreviousDatabaseRow() or NextDatabaseRow().


#Database The database to use.
Column The column to use. DatabaseColumnIndex() is available to get the index of a named column.

Return value

Returns #True is the data is null, #False otherwise.


To determine the type of a column, DatabaseColumnType() can be used.

Note: This function can be called only once for each column. Therefore if this value needs to be used more than once, the data has to be stored in a variable, since all subsequent calls will return the wrong value. This is an ODBC limitation.

See Also

GetDatabaseBlob(), GetDatabaseDouble(), GetDatabaseFloat(), GetDatabaseLong(), GetDatabaseQuad()

Supported OS


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