Result = GetDatabaseBlob(#Database, Column, *Buffer, BufferLength)
Returns the content of the specified database column in the specified buffer as a pointer to the blob memory. This command is only valid after a successful FirstDatabaseRow(), PreviousDatabaseRow() or NextDatabaseRow().


#Database The database to use.
Column The column to use. DatabaseColumnIndex() is available to get the index of a named column.
*Buffer The address of the blob data.
BufferLength The size of the blob data in bytes.

Return value

If 'Result' is 0, then the blob can't be retrieved or its content is empty.


To determine the type of a column, DatabaseColumnType() can be used. To determine the size of the blob, DatabaseColumnSize() can be used.

Note: This function can be called only once for each column. Therefore if this value needs to be used more than once, the data has to be stored in a variable, since all subsequent calls will return the wrong value. This is an ODBC limitation.

See Also

GetDatabaseDouble(), GetDatabaseFloat(), GetDatabaseLong(), GetDatabaseString(), GetDatabaseQuad()

Supported OS


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