Result = DatabaseColumnType(#Database, Column)
Return the type of the specified column in the #Database.


#Database The database to use.
Column The column to use.

Return value

Returns the type of the given column. If Result is 0, the type is undefined or the function has failed (e.g. it was not possible to determine the data type).

Type values can be:
  #PB_Database_Long  : Numeric format (a Long (.l) in PureBasic)
  #PB_Database_String: String format (a String (.s) in PureBasic)
  #PB_Database_Float : Numeric float format (a Float (.f) in PureBasic)
  #PB_Database_Double: Numeric double format (a Double (.d) in PureBasic)
  #PB_Database_Quad  : Numeric quad format (a Quad (.q) in PureBasic)
  #PB_Database_Blob  : Blob format

See Also

DatabaseColumns(), DatabaseColumnName(), DatabaseColumnSize()

Supported OS


<- DatabaseColumnSize() - Database Index - DatabaseColumns() ->