Result = PreviousDatabaseRow(#Database)
Retrieves information about the previous database row in the #Database. The flag #PB_Database_DynamicCursor has to be specified to DatabaseQuery() to have this command working. To access to fields inside a row, GetDatabaseLong(), GetDatabaseFloat(), GetDatabaseString() can be used.


#Database The database to use.

Return value

If Result is 0, then no more rows are available (i.e. reached the start of the table).


If this function returns zero despite additional rows being available before the current one, then the ODBC driver does not support data retrieval in a backwards direction. It is not mandatory for an ODBC driver to support this function (unlike NextDatabaseRow()). Of course, if this function works, it will work on every computer using the same driver.

SQLite databases don't support this command.

See Also

GetDatabaseBlob(), GetDatabaseDouble(), GetDatabaseFloat(), GetDatabaseLong(), GetDatabaseQuad(), GetDatabaseString()

Supported OS


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