Result = CreateCubeMapTexture(#Texture, Width, Height, TextureName$ [, BackColor])
Creates a new cube map texture. A cube map texture use the surrounding to render itself as reflection on it. This texture has to exist in an OGRE script.


#Texture The number to identify the new texture. #PB_Any can be used to auto-generate this number.
Width The width of the new texture (in pixels).
Height The height of the new texture (in pixels).
TextureName$ The name of the texture in the OGRE scripts. This texture has to be defined in the script with the correct value to have a working cube mapping. If 'TextureName$' is set to 'CubeMapTexture', a material script should contain the following definition (which can be adapted depending on your needs):
  material CubeMapMaterial
          cubic_texture CubeMapTexture combinedUVW
          tex_address_mode clamp
          env_map cubic_reflection
BackColor (optional) The back color of the cube mapping scene, if no SkyBox() is used. To get a valid color, use RGB().

Return value

Returns zero if the texture can't be created. If #PB_Any is used as '#Texture' parameter, the new texture number is returned.

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