DisplayTransparentSprite(#Sprite, x, y [, Intensity [, Color]])
Display the #Sprite at the specified position on the current screen. The default transparent color is 0 (black - this color will not be displayed). It's possible to change the transparent color with TransparentSpriteColor(). This function is clipped, so it's perfectly legal to display the sprite outside of the screen. The sprite has to be created with #PB_Sprite_AlphaBlending flag to use this command.


#Sprite The sprite to display.
x, y The coordinate (in pixels) in the screen where the sprite will be displayed.
Intensity (optional) The intensity level used to display the sprite. Valid value are from 0 (fully transparent) to 255 (fully opaque). Default value is 255.
Color (optional) The solid color used to display the sprite. The sprite will be rendered in only one color. To get a valid color, use RGB().

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