SetEntityAnimationWeight(#Entity, Animation$, Weight)
Changes the #Entity animation weight. The weight is useful when playing several animations at once. For example to do a smooth transition from one animation to another, it is possible to reduce progressively the weight of the first animation and increase the weight of the second animation.


#Entity The entity to use.
Animation$ The animation name. The animations are stored in the mesh object in a case-sensitive manner (ie: "Walk" will be a different animation than "walk"). If the animation isn't found or the mesh doesn't have a skeleton, this function will have no effect.
Weight The new entity animation weight (value between 0.0 and 1.0). If the weight is 0, then the animation has no effect. If the weight is 1, then animation is fully playing.

Return value



The EntityAnimationBlendMode() also affects how animations are mixed.

See Also

StartEntityAnimation(), EntityAnimationBlendMode()

Supported OS


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