StartEntityAnimation(#Entity, Animation$ [, Flags])
Start the specified #Entity animation. The animation is always started from the beginning.


#Entity The entity to use.
Animation$ The animation name. The animations are stored in the mesh object in a case-sensitive manner (ie: "Walk" will be a different animation than "walk"). If the animation isn't found or the mesh doesn't have a skeleton, this function will have no effect.
Flag Flags can be a combination of the following values:
  #PB_EntityAnimation_Once:   Play the animation only once. By default the animation loops automatically when its end is reached.
                              EntityAnimationStatus() can be used to detect the animation end.
  #PB_EntityAnimation_Manual: Start the animation in manual mode, the time won't be automatically added after each RenderWorld().
                              AddEntityAnimationTime() needs to be called to update the animation time manually.

Return value


See Also

StopEntityAnimation(), EntityAnimationStatus(), AddEntityAnimationTime()

Supported OS


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