CreateWater(#Camera, x, y, z, Transparency, Flags)
Creates a water plane at the given position.


#Camera The camera to use.
x, y, z The absolute coordinates where the water plane has to be created.
Transparency Sets the whole water transparency, from 0 (fully opaque) to 255 (transparent).
Flags Can be a combination of the following constants:
  #PB_World_WaterMediumQuality: medium quality (default).
  #PB_World_WaterLowQuality   : low quality, which means less polygons (but faster rendering).
  #PB_World_WaterHighQuality  : high quality, which means more polygons (but slower rendering).
  #PB_World_WaterCaustics     : Enable the water caustics effects, which are small patterns created by the light on the water surface.
  #PB_World_WaterSmooth       : Enable smooth wave transition.
  #PB_World_WaterFoam         : Enable foam effect, which affect underwater objects when viewed out of the water plane.
  #PB_World_WaterSun          : Enable sun reflection on water. To control the sun position and color, use Sun().
  #PB_World_UnderWater        : Activate an underwater effect, to have opaque underwater.
  #PB_World_WaterGodRays      : Activate sun god rays rendering when being underwater. #PB_World_WaterSun has to be specified.

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