Result = SkyDome(TextureName$, Curve.f [, FogColor, FogIntensity, FogStartDistance, FogEndDistance])
Creates a new SkyDome which is a curved moving sky displayed using the specified texture.


TextureName$ The texture to use. The texture must be in a path previously declared with the Add3DArchive() function.
Curve The curve value indicates how much the sky should be curved (can be either negative or positive).
FogColor (optional) The fog color. RGB() can be used to get a valid color value. If not specified, the fog settings are inherited from the Fog() command.
FogIntensity (optional) The fog intensity. If sets to zero, the fog effect is disable.
FogStartDistance (optional) The distance from the camera (in world units) where the fog should start.
FogEndDistance (optional) The distance from the camera where the fog is fully opaque.

Return value

Returns non-zero if the SkyDome has been successfully created. If the texture can't be loaded, the skydome is created with blank texture.

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