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17 May 2001

PureBasic V2.30 (Windows)

- Added: CD-Audio library
- Added: FileSystem library
- Added: GetGadgetState(), SetGadgetState(), AddGadgetItem(), RemoveGadgetItem()
- Added: PanelGadget(), ClosePanelGadget(), TextGadget(), SpritesCollision(), Delay(), OptionGadget()
- Added: Frame3DGadget(), Loc(), PeekW/B(), PokeW/B(), GetPathPart(), GetFilePart(), RunProgram()
- Added: DoubleClick(), PathRequester(), ClearGadgetItemList()
- Added: 'Tab' support on Gadget lib.
- Added: Compiler directives: CompilerIf/Else/Endif, CompilerSelect/Case/Default/EndSelect
- Added: a build-in ICON linker (no more need GoRC)

- Updated: The editor: Drag&Drop on the main window, auto registry support for .pb files, auto indent, Tab/Shift+Tab when a block is selected to indent easely

- Updated: The debugger (step by step now works perfectly)
- Updated: Generated executable have been optimized (smaller and faster)
- Updated: Full rewrite of the compiler expression processor core

- Changed: LSR, LSR to << and >> respectively
- Changed: AddComboBoxItem() and AddListViewItem() to AddGadgetItem()

- Fixed: Some nasty bugs in the compiler

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