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2nd January 2019

PureBasic 5.70 LTS (all OS)

- Added: Brand new QT subsystem for Linux
- Added: HTTPRequest(), HTTPRequestMemory() (sponsored by c-wayne)
- Added: UseMySQLDatabase() (sponsored by Paul)
- Added: DPI aware support for Windows app
- Added: #PS, #NPS, #PS$ and #NPS$ constants (Path seperator character depending of the OS)
- Added: #PB_JSON_NoClear support to ExtractJSONStructure
- Added: #PB_Path_Winding filling mode for VectorDrawing
- Added: DesktopResolutionX(), DesktopResolutionY(), DesktopScaledX(), DesktopScaledY(), DesktopUnscaledX(), DesktopUnscaledY()
- Added: an optional 'Mode' parameter for OpenConsole()
- Added: MaterialTextureAliases()
- Added: #PB_Vehicle_IsInContact, #PB_Vehicle_ContactPointX/Y/Z for GetVehicleAttribute()
- Added: #PB_Vehicle_ContactPointNormalX/Y/Z for GetVehicleAttribute()
- Added: #PB_Vehicle_CurrentSpeedKmHour, #PB_Vehicle_ForwardVectorX/Y/Z for GetVehicleAttribute()
- Added: #PB_Material_ProjectiveTexturing for SetMaterialAttribute()
- Added: ParticleScaleRate(), ParticleAngle(), CameraReflection()
- Added: BuildMeshLod(), MeshVertex(), CreateDataMesh()
- Added: EntityDirection(), EntityDirectionX(), EntityDirectionY(), EntityDirectionZ()
- Added: #PB_Local/#PB_Parent/#PB_World support for ApplyEntityForce(), ApplyEntityImpulse(), ApplyEntityTorque() and ApplyEntityTorqueImpulse()

- Fixed: Some compiler and libraries related bugs

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