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2nd March 2017

PureBasic 5.60 (all OS)

- Added: GIF decoder support
- Added: Large icons and text support to ToolBar library
- Added: SetImageFrame(), GetImageFrame(), ImageFrameCount(), AddImageFrame()
- Added: RemoveImageFrame(), SetImageFrameDelay(), GetImageFrameDelay()
- Added: UserAgent support to ReceiveHTTPMemory(), ReceiveHTTPFile() and GetHTTPHeader()
- Added: #PB_Http_NoRedirect support for GetHTTPHeader()
- Added: "Joe Doe <joe.doe@domain.com>" email format support for SendMail()
- Added: HTTPProxy() for Http related commands proxy support
- Added: Compression level support for CreatePack() and CompressMemory()
- Added: ParticleAcceleration(), ParticleColorFader(), ParticleEmitterAngle()
- Added: #PB_Material_AlphaReject, #PB_Material_TAM and #PB_Material_EnvironmentMap support to SetMaterialAttribute()
- Added: new 'Layer' optional paramater to SetMaterialAttribute()
- Added: new orientation modes for SetNodeAnimationKeyFrameRotation() and AddStaticGeometryEntity()
- Added: GetUserDirectory() to get user specific directories
- Added: more flexibility to Base64Decoder to handle non padded input
- Added: Base64Encoder() and Base64Decoder() which takes string as input/output for easier use
- Added: color constants like #Black, #Blue etc. for all OS
- Added: Event() to get the current event (mainly useful from callback)
- Added: #PB_Canvas_Container support to have a container behaviour for canvas
- Added: #PB_EventType_Resize support for PanelGadget(), ContainerGadget(), CanvasGadget() and ScrollAreaGadget()
- Added: #PB_ListIcon_ColumnCount to GetGadgetAttribute() for ListIconGadget() to get the column count
- Added: #PB_All support to RemoveGadgetColumn() to remove all the columns
- Added: (IDE) templates are now saved when created to prevent lost if the IDE is not properly closed
- Added: (IDE) jump to a procedure now automatically unfold it if it was folded
- Added: (IDE) new specific popup menu for file tab to ease source file management
- Added: (IDE) find previous (reverse find)

- Changed: renamed Base64Encoder() to Base64EncoderBuffer()
- Changed: renamed Base64Decoder() to Base64DecoderBuffer()
- Changed: removed 'define.b' syntax to change default type as it could create hard to find bugs.

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