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25 March 2001

PureBasic V2.20 (Windows)

- Added: Library Module
- Added: Debugger runtime support for all pure libraries. A programme no more crashs so easily.
- Added: NT4.0 support for multimedia libraries (Sprite, Palette, Sound & Keyboard)
- Added: Lof(), ReadMemory(), WriteMemory(), PeekS(), PokeS(), NetworkClientEvent(), SetGadgetFont()
- Added: WaitWindowEvent(), FileSeek()
- Added: Project settings save for each file (Executable name, Compiler options etc.)
- Added: Preference window to customize the editor (color, default directory etc.)
- Added: Multi-language support for the editor (english, french and german)
- Added: Icon (.ico) support when creating an executable
- Added: Win32 help support (when pressing F1 on a Windows function)

- Updated: All the documentation

- Fixed: The compiler, much reliable now.

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