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25th July 2016

PureBasic 5.50 (all OS)

- Added: Vehicle library to create 3D vehicles with wheels easily
- Added: PickBody() to easily manipulate a 3D body with mouse
- Added: CreateTube(), CreateTorus(), CreateIcoSphere() and CreateCapsule()
- Added: #PB_Entity_PlaneBody and #PB_Entity_ConeBody body type
- Added: GenericJoint() to create any type of joint
- Added: Bounding box size support to CreateEntityBody()
- Added: RegisterFontFile() to use custom fonts file easily
- Added: PathLength(), PathPointX(), PathPointY(), PathPointAngle()
- Added: PathBoundsX(), PathBoundsY(), PathBoundsWidth(), PathBoundsHeight() to get the bounding box of a path
- Added: PathSegments(), AddPathSegments() to get/set a path in string format
- Added: DebuggerError(), DebuggerWarning(), CloseDebugOutput()
- Added: ResetStructure() which clear and reinitialize a structure buffer
- Added: UTF8() and Ascii() to create easily UTF8 and Ascii string buffers (needs to be freed with FreeMemory())
- Added: FormatNumber() to have money like formatted numbers easily
- Added: @#StringConstant$ syntax support, to get the address of a string constant
- Added: #PB_MessageRequester_Info, #PB_MessageRequester_Error and #PB_MessageRequester_Warning for MessageRequester()

- Updated: SQLite version 3.13.0

- Changed: ParticleVelocity() to support current velocity.

- Removed: ASCII mode for internal PureBasic string representation, PureBasic is now unicode only.

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