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26 February 2001

PureBasic V2.10 (Windows)

- Added: Integrated debugger to walk easy trough a program. It features step by step, stop, continue, quit (useful to quit an infine loop...) and can be invoqued and controlled via the source code with the following commands: CallDebugger, EnableDebugger, DisableDebugger
- Added: Editor enhancement with contextual help (F1 on a keyword), Goto, Compiler Options, much better syntaxe highlightning, '.prefs' file
- Added: ListViewGadget(), AddListViewItem(), GetGadgetText(), SetGadgetText(), PeekS(), SizeOf()
- Added: Multilangage for the editor (French, German, English)
- Added: Microsoft Windows © resident file with the constants and structures needed for API support
- Added: German version of the PureBasic main and reference manuals

- Fixed: lot of bugs and improved the whole stability

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