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23th July 2014

PureBasic 5.30 (all OS)

- Added: New "Issue" tool for IDE to build todo/issue lists easily from comments.
- Added: JSON library
- Added: ParseXML(), ComposeXML(), InsertXMLArray/List/Map/Structure(), ExtractXMLArray/List/Map/Structure() to XML lib
- Added: OpenGLGadget() with native opengl commands and constants support
- Added: ExamineRegularExpression() and related commands to process regex matches step by step
- Added: ClipOutput(), UnclipOutput(), SetOrigin(), GetOriginX(), GetOriginY()
- Added: GetWindowData(), SetWindowData()
- Added: AllocateStructure(), FreeStructure()
- Added: #PB_Default support to WindowBounds() to reset min/max size
- Added: 'Format' parameter to Read/WriteProgramString(), WriteProgramStringN() and ReadProgramError()
- Added: /PREPROCESS compiler flag to create a big single source with all macros, compilerif and file include resolved. Can be combined with /COMMENTED to get the original source with comments as well.
- Added: Optional parameter to NetworkServerEvent() to check events only on a specific server
- Added: #PB_String_NoZero flag support to PokeS() to avoid writing the ending null character
- Added: #PB_Enumeration support for Defined()
- Added: #PB_Explorer_HiddenFiles to show hidden files in the explorer gadgets
- Added: Optional 'Type' parameter to CreateBillboardGroup()
- Added: BillboardGroupCommonDirection(), BillboardGroupCommonUpVector()
- Added: #PB_Entity_MinVelocity and #PB_Entity_ForceVelocity to SetEntityAttribute()
- Added: SetMaterialAttribute() with #PB_Material_DepthCheck and #PB_Material_DepthWrite constants
- Added: #PB_Material_DepthCheck support for GetMaterialAttribute().
- Added: Engine3DStatus() with these constants: #PB_Engine3D_NbRenderedTriangles, #PB_Engine3D_NbRenderedBatches, #PB_Engine3D_CurrentFPS, #PB_Engine3D_MaximumFPS, #PB_Engine3D_MinimumFPS, #PB_Engine3D_AverageFPS, #PB_Engine3D_ResetFPS
- Added: #PB_Absolute / #PB_Relative support to CameraDirectionX/Y/Z(), CameraX/Y/Z(), EntityX/Y/Z(), LightX/Y/Z(), LightDirectionX/Y/Z(), BillBoardGroupX/Y/Z(), NodeX/Y/Z(), ParticleEmitterX/Y/Z() and FetchOrientation()
- Added: ParticleSpeedFactor(), DisableParticleEmitter()
- Added: GetEntityCollisionMask(), GetEntityCollisionGroup(), SetEntityCollisionFilter()
- Added: WaterHeight(), FreeWater()
- Added: Fully unicode IDE
- Added: Highlighting of repeated occurrences of the currently selected word in the IDE
- Added: Plain-text editing mode to edit non-PB files in the IDE
- Added: 'Issues' IDE tool to collect and display TODO/FIXME markers inside the code
- Added: Ctrl+E and Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut to align/shift comments in a selected code block
- Added: Ctrl+M and Ctrl+Shift+M shortcut to select the current code block (repeated presses select the next code block)
- Added: PopupMenu to IDE error log for clear/copy operation
- Added: %HOME and %PROJECT to IDE tool commandline options, added PB_TOOL_Project to available env vars
- Added: Automatic code indentation can align comments at the end of code lines in the IDE
- Added: AutoComplete remembers last selection for Structure/Module AutoComplete
- Added: Context sensitivity for current module/procedure for variable display and expression eval in the debugger

- Changed: FormatXML() with #PB_XML_ReFormat no longer adds newlines inside single-line elements for a better output
- Changed: DeleteElement() now returns the data pointer to the new current element (if any)
- Changed: SetXMLAttribute() to accept newline characters in attributes (will be encoded as character entities)
- Changed: Added a mandatory "name" parameter to CreateXMLNode() as some parser needs it at node creation time
- Changed: The way (X)IncludeFile and IncludeBinary works: it's now relative to the file which contains these statements (which is easier to handle)
- Changed: #PB_Event_SizeWindow and #PB_Event_MoveWindow are no more realtime on Windows, use BindEvent() to get real time update. It should fixes ugly flickering when realtime resizing on Windows.
- Changed: DataSection label within Procedure are now local labels.
- Changed: ASM local label prefix has been changed from "l_" to "ll_", to avoid possible clash with main labels.
- Changed: #PB_LinkedList constant has been renamed to #PB_List for better consistancy
- Changed: Removed the "Billboard" parameter from AddBillboard() as it was not used. Now returns the new billboard index.
- Changed: Updated Scintilla to version 3.4.2

- Removed: MaterialDepthWrite() (replaced by SetMaterialAttribute())
- Removed: CountRenderedTriangles() and Engine3DFrameRate(), replaced by Engine3DStatus()

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