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17th Sept. 2013

PureBasic 5.20 LTS (all OS)

- Added: Module support for the compiler
- Added: Runtime library
- Added: Dialog library
- Added: GTK3 subsystem for Linux
- Added: DirectX11 subsystem for Windows (doesn't not support the 3D engine for now)
- Added: Named enumeration support to allow continuing a previous enumeration
- Added: JoystickName(), JoystickZ()
- Added: Optional #PB_Relative flag to JoystickX/Y/Z() to have more precise values
- Added: Optional pad number to JoystickX/Y/Z() to handle more complex gamepads
- Added: ZoomSprite() now accepts #PB_Default as Width/Height to reset to initial sprite size
- Added: 'Color' and 'Intensity' parameter to DisplayTransparentSprite()
- Added: ClipSprite() now support #PB_Default for individual parameter
- Added: #PB_Sprite_PixelCollision flag to CreateSprite(), LoadSprite() to enable pixel collision
- Added: Zoom support to SpritePixelCollision() and SpriteCollision()
- Added: OpenGL support for SpriteBlending() (warning, it just wraps OpenGL mode, so it can behave different than DirectX)
- Added: 32-bit support for SpriteOutput() for DX and OpenGL
- Added: #PB_EventType_Focus and #PB_EventType_LostFocus support to EditorGadget()
- Added: #PB_EventType_RightClick support to ListViewGadget()
- Added: #PB_EventType_Change support to PanelGadget() and DateGadget()
- Added: #PB_Prototype and #PB_Module support to Defined()
- Added: All Init() functions can be called more than once without issue (like InitSound(), InitNetwork() etc.)
- Added: #PB_FileSystem_Force support to DeleteFile()
- Added: #PB_FileSystem_NoExtension support to GetFilePart()
- Added: Back color parameter to CreateImage()
- Added: #PB_Entity_NbSubEntities to GetEntityAttribute()
- Added: MeshIndexCount(), SetRenderQueue(), FetchEntityMaterial(), GetMeshData(), SetMeshData()
- Added: CPUName(), Un/BindEvent(), Un/BindGadgetEvent(), Un/BindMenuEvent()
- Added: Previous location is displayed when declaring a structure, interface, prototype or procedure twice.
- Added: 2 license files to easy add the needed information when shipping PB programs (see reference documentation)
- Added: Bool() is now evaluated at compile time if the whole expression is constant
- Added: Debugger check for SortStructuredList() and SortList() to ensure the specified list is of correct type
- Added: Linux executables created on new distribution should still work on old linux.
- Added: #PB_EventType_FirstCustomValue for use with PostEvent()
- Added: CameraFollow(), ExamineWorldCollisions(), NextWorldCollision(), FirstWorldCollisionEntity(), SecondWorldCollisionEntity()
- Added: WorldCollisionContact(), WorldCollisionNormal(), WorldCollisionAppliedImpulse()
- Added: BuildMeshTangents(), MeshVertexTangent(), CopyTexture()
- Added: Pitch(), Roll(), Yaw()
- Added: #PB_Gadget_RequiredSize support for GadgetWidth/Height()
- Added: #PB_Entity_LinearSleeping, #PB_Entity_AngularSleeping, #PB_Entity_DeactivationTime, #PB_Entity_IsActive,
- Added: #PB_Entity_AngularVelocityX/Y/Z, #PB_Entity_ScaleX/Y/Z, #PB_Entity_AngularVelocity, #PB_Entity_HasContactResponse for Get/SetEntityAttribute()

- Optimized: Pixel sprite collision routines are now much faster with DirectX
- Optimized: More peephole optimizations on x64 assembler output
- Optimized: Faster compilation for big programs
- Optimized: Linux build server have been upgraded, now using a better GCC which produce better code.

- Changed: SpinGadget() EventType are now #PB_EventType_Up and #PB_EventType_Down instead of -1 and 1.
- Changed: renamed ZoomSprite3D() to ZoomSprite()
- Changed: renamed TransformSprite3D() to TransformSprite()
- Changed: renamed RotateSprite3D() to RotateSprite()
- Changed: renamed Sprite3DQuality() to SpriteQuality()
- Changed: renamed Sprite3DBlending() to SpriteBlending()
- Changed: renamed the whole 'Module' library to 'Music'
- Changed: renamed Frame3DGadget() to FrameGadget()
- Changed: renamed Frame3DGadget3D() to FrameGadget3D()
- Changed: renamed #PB_Shortcut_Prior to #PB_Shortcut_PageUp and #PB_Shortcut_Next to #PB_Shortcut_PageDown
- Changed: Packer plugin constant renamed to #PB_PackerPlugin_XXX
- Changed: RayCollide() now returns the colliding #Entity.

- Updated: WebGadget() on Windows doesn't needs ATL.dll anymore
- Updated: zlib to 1.2.8
- Updated: pqlib (PostgreSQL) to 9.2.4
- Updated: ziplib to 0.11.1
- Updated: SCNotification scintilla structure

- Removed: Mozilla ActiveX support for WebGadget() on Windows as the last ActiveX version is way too old (2005)
- Removed: Sprite3D library (merged with regular sprite library)
- Removed: Palette library (outdated)
- Removed: SetWindowCallback() on OS X, can be replaced with BindEvent()
- Removed: RenderMovieFrame() and #PB_Movie_Rendered (outdated)
- Removed: DisplayTranslucentSprite() -> replaced with 'Alpha' parameter for DisplayTransparentSprite()
- Removed: DisplaySolidSprite() -> replaced with 'Color' parameter for DisplayTransparentSprite()
- Removed: DisplayRGBFilter() -> can be replaced with a zoomed sprite with color
- Removed: DisplayShadowSprite() -> can be replaced with DisplayTransparentSprite() with color
- Removed: StartSpecialFX(), StopSpecialFX(), DisplayAlphaSprite(), ChangeAlphaIntensity(), UseBuffer()
- Removed: Carbon subsystem on OS X, it was too old be used with new libs

- Fixed: Many bugs

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