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5th November 2012

PureBasic 5.00 (all OS)

- Added: Cocoa support on OS X (now the default toolkit)
- Added: 64-bit version of PureBasic for OS X
- Added: Brand new Form Designer, for Windows, Linux and OS X
- Added: Carbon subsystem for PowerPC and x86 version of PureBasic
- Added: Multi-dimensional arrays in structure support
- Added: InitScintilla() on Linux and OS X avoid compilation issues
- Added: #PB_Window_NoActivate flag to OpenWindow() and HideWindow()
- Added: #PB_EventType_RightClick support ScintillaGadget()
- Added: Favorites section to the explorer tool (IDE)
- Added: Trigger for custom tools when a new source file is created (IDE)
- Added: SetWindowCallback() support to OS X to have callback events
- Added: partial thread-safety to GTK (Linux)
- Added: SpritePixelCollision() support for OS X and Linux

- Updated: Scintilla updated to 3.2.2
- Updated: Expat updated to 2.1.0
- Updated: libjpeg updated to 8.0d
- Updated: libpng updated to 1.5.12
- Updated: Ogre to 1.8.0, bullet to 2.80, hydrax to 0.5.4, CEGUI to 0.7.7
- Updated: ModPlug lib update to
- Updated: Use of VC++ 2010 to compile Windows libraries (32-bit and 64-bit), resulting of better optimized code
- Updated: French documentation has been greatly updated/enhanced, thanks to Jean R. VIALE.

- Changed: SetModulePosition() is now in milliseconds, no more in pattern

- Fixed: Many bugs

3D Engine:
- Added: EntityAnimation library
- Added: NodeAnimation library
- Added: VertexAnimation library
- Added: Spline library
- Added: CG Tookit support for the 3D engine (both DirectX and OpenGL), trough InitEngine3D()
- Added: optional 'Mode' parameter to InitEngine3D()
- Added: 'PickMask' parameter to MousePick() and CreateEntity()
- Added: RenderWorld() now returns 'TimeSinceLastFrame', in milliseconds
- Added: SkyBox() and SkyDome() now supports Fog()
- Added: 'Color' and 'TextureSize' parameters to WorldShadows()
- Added: #PB_World_UnderWater and #PB_World_WaterGodRays flags to CreateWater()
- Added: RayPick(), CameraViewWidth(), CameraViewHeight(), CameraViewX(), CameraViewY(), CameraDirection()
- Added: CameraDirectionX/Y/Z(), SetCameraFixedYawAxis()

- Added: optional 'IsActive' parameter to render to texture for CreateCamera()
- Added: ScaleMaterial(), MaterialFog(), ReloadMaterial(), ResetMaterial(), NodeFixedYawAxis()
- Added: optional 'TextureCoordinateIndex' parameter to AddMaterialLayer()
- Added: #PB_Material_Anisotropic support to MaterialFilteringMode()
- Added: #PB_Default support as #Material to set the default settings for materials.
- Added: #PB_Material_Wireframe, #PB_Material_Point and #PB_Material_Solid to MaterialShadingMode()
- Added: SoundListenerLocate()
- Added: Optional DirectionX/Y/Z parameter to NodeLookAt()
- Added: optional 'Mode' parameter to MoveLight(), MoveEntity() and MoveNode()
- Added: CreateTexture() now handle alpha textures as well
- Added: #PB_Entity_Wireframe, #PB_Entity_Solid, #PB_Entity_Point, #PB_Entity_DisplaySkeleton to EntityRenderMode()
- Added: FreeEntityJoints(), AttachEntityObject(), DetachEntityObject(), EntityBoneX/Y/Z()
- Added: EntityBonePitch(), EntityBoneRoll(), EntityBoneYaw(), EntityFixedYawAxis()
- Added: DirectionX/Y/Z optional parameters to EntityLookAt()
- Added: EntityVelocity(), EntityAngularFactor(), EntityLinearFactor(), EntityCustomParameter(), EntityParentNode()
- Added: EntityBoundingBoxX/Y/Z(), DisableEntityBody()
- Added: #PB_Entity_VelocityX/Y/Z, #PB_Entity_MassCenterX/Y/Z, #PB_Entity_MaxVelocity to Get/SetEntityAttribute()
- Added: LightAttenuation(), LightX/Y/Z(), LightDirection(), LightDirectionX/Y/Z()
- Added: RotateLight(), LightPitch(), LightYaw(), LightRoll()
- Added: GetScriptParticle(), CreateRenderTexture(), UpdateRenderTexture(), SaveRenderTexture()
- Added: CreateCubeMapTexture(), EntityCubeMapTexture()
- Added: HideEffect() now handle ribbon as well
- Added: EffectID(), RibbonEffectWidth(), AttachRibbonEffect(), DetachRibbonEffect(), CreateLensFlareEffect()
- Added: LensFlareEffectColor(), EnableHingeJointAngularMotor()
- Added: Joint parameter for ConeTwistJoint(), HingeJoint(), PointJoint(), SliderJoint()
- Added: #PB_HingeJoint_LowerLimit and #PB_HingeJoint_UpperLimit to Get/SetJointAttribute()
- Added: Optional 'Pitch', 'Yaw', 'Roll' parameters to AddStaticGeometryEntity()
- Added: FreeTerrain(), SetupTerrains(), CreateTerrain(), TerrainPhysicBody(), DefineTerrainTile()
- Added: AddTerrainTexture(), BuildTerrain(), TerrainLocate(), TerrainHeight(), TerrainTileHeightAtPosition()
- Added: TerrainTilePointX/Y(), TerrainTileSize(), GetTerrainTileHeightAtPoint(), SetTerrainTileHeightAtPoint()
- Added: UpdateTerrain(), TerrainTileLayerMapSize(), GetTerrainTileLayerBlend(), SetTerrainTileLayerBlend()
- Added: UpdateTerrainTileLayerBlend(), TerrainMousePick(), SaveTerrain(), TerrainRenderMode()
- Added: special key handling to InputEvent3D()

- Changed: CameraLookAt() doesn't change the direction anymore
- Changed: Attach/DetachNodeObject() removed the 'type' object
- Changed: 'InitialWidth' parameter has been removed for CreateRibbonEffect()

- Removed: AnimateEntity() (replaced with Start/StopEntityAnimation())
- Removed: #PB_Entity_Wireframe, #PB_Entity_Point and #PB_Entity_Solid to EntityRenderMode()
- Removed: CheckEntityCollision(), NextWorldCollision(), FirstWorldCollisionEntity(), SecondWorldCollisionEntity()

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