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7th November 2011

PureBasic V4.60 (all OS)

- Added: a brand new '3D' example folder
- Added: 'Joint' library
- Added: 'SpecialEffect' library
- Added: 'StaticGeometry' library
- Added: CameraPitch(), CameraRoll(), CameraYaw(), SwitchCamera()
- Added: ApplyEntityForce(), ApplyEntityImpulse(), EntityPitch(), EntityRoll(), EntityYaw()
- Added: GetEntityAttribute(), GetEntityMaterial(), SetEntityAttribute(), SetEntityMaterial()
- Added: LightDiffuseColor(), SpotLightRange(), LightLookAt(), DisableLightShadows()
- Added: MaterialDepthWrite(), MaterialSelfIlluminationColor(), MaterialShininess(), GetScriptMaterial()
- Added: CreateLine3D(), CreateCube(), CreateSphere(), CreateCylinder(), CreatePlane()
- Added: MeshVertexCount(), UpdateMeshBoundingBox(), MeshRadius(), AddMeshVertex()
- Added: MeshVertexNormal(), MeshVertexColor(), AddSubMesh(), BuildMeshShadowVolume()
- Added: MeshVertexTextureCoordinate(), AddMeshFace(), FinishMesh(), NormalizeMesh()
- Added: SaveMesh(), SetMeshMaterial(), SubMeshCount(), TransformMesh()
- Added: NodePitch(), NodeRoll(), NodeYaw(), GetScriptTexture(), TextureOutput()
- Added: EntityCollide(), RayCollide
- Added: OpenGL renderer to the 3D library on Windows, when using the OpenGL subsystem
- Added: CanvasGadget(), CanvasOutput()
- Added: SetGadgetItemData() for PanelGadget
- Added: MoveElement(), MergeLists(), SplitList()
- Added: RandomizeList(), RandomizeArray(), DoubleClickTime()
- Added: PushListPosition(), PopListPosition(), PushMapPosition(), PopMapPosition()
- Added: ImageID parameter to OpenSubMenu()
- Added: #PB_ListIcon_ThreeState and #PB_ListIcon_Inbetween
- Added: #PB_Tree_ThreeState and #PB_Tree_Inbetween
- Added: crossplatform ComboBox events
- Added: 'DeclareC' keyword for completness

- Changed: FindString() 'StartPosition' parameter to be optional
- Changed: WebGadget to use WebKitGtk on Linux
- Changed: ContainerGadget with #PB_Container_Borderless to no longer add a 2px invisible border on Linux
- Changed: EntityPhysicBody(), CreateLight(), RenderWorld(), ShowGUI(), WorldShadows()
- Changed: EntityMaterial() to SetEntityMaterial()

- Removed: Get/SetEntityMass(), Get/SetEntityFriction()
- Removed: SetMeshData()

- Fixed: Many bugs

- Added: IDE options for commandline project building
- Added: monitoring of files for changes on disk while they are open in the IDE
- Added: FilePanel custom implementation with Drag & Drop, Dropdown menu, scrolling also on OSX
- Added: Diff tool for directories/files
- Added: Html help viewer for Linux/OSX
- Added: Help viewer in toolspanel
- Added: new Color Picker tool
- Added: enabled font selection in IDE for OSX
- Added: ProjectPanel now remembers node expanded states

- Added: maximize button to all debugger windows
- Added: all IsXxx() and XxxID() functions to the expression parser (for data breakpoints)

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