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18 January 2001

PureBasic V2.00 (AmigaOS)

About the compiler :

- Completely rewritten !
- 4 to 7 times faster to compile
- Faster procedure handling
- Multi-dimensionned arrays are now supported
- Residents are now saved/loaded in one file
- PowerPC code have been removed (nobody want it ?)
- The switch MC68020 have been added to the command line

About the PureLibraries :

- Rewritten the Sprite library (50% faster) and added several commands: SaveSprites(), LoadSprites(), RemoveCookie(), FlushSprite(), SpriteHandle(), CopySprite(), GrabSprite()
- Added 'DisableDebugger' and 'EnableDebugger' to disable the debugger for some part within a program.
- Added the debugger support for Sprite, Joypad, Chunky and Sound libraries.
- Added the following commands: Processor(), MMU(), FPU(), RectsHit(), Hex(), Bin().
- Fixed some commands: ListIndex(), FontID(), DrawingFont()

About the editor :

- Added a keyboard shortcut to close the error window.

Misc (Full version only) :

- 2 new tools : SpriteGrabber (Allows to get sprites from a picture) and OpenPureBasic (C/C++ -> PureBasic convertor)

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