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7th June 2010

PureBasic V4.50 (all OS)

- Added: Support for Array, List, Map inside structures
- Added: CopyList(), CopyMap(), CopyArray()
- Added: FreeList(), FreeMap(), FreeArray()
- Added: CopyStructure(), InitializeStructure()
- Added: Volume support to PlaySound()
- Added: Depth parameter to SaveImage()
- Added: ImageDepth() flag to get the original or current image depth
- Added: #PB_Image_Transparent flag for CreateImage()
- Added: 32bit support to TGA image decoder
- Added: RoundBox(), AbortFTPFile(), RandomData()
- Added: #PB_2DDrawing_AllChannels mode for DrawingMode()
- Added: Image support for ComboBoxGadget()
- Added: Graphical console functions to linux
- Added: Large file support to File library on Linux/OSX
- Added: CryptRandom(), CryptRandomData(), OpenCryptRandom(), CloseCryptRandom()
- Added: Many math functions: Exp(), ATan2(), Radian(), Degree(), [A]CosH(), [A]SinH(), [A]TanH(), IsNaN(), IsInfinity(), NaN(), Infinity(), Sign()
- Added: 'Debugger' Library to control some debugger actions from code

- Changed: The Image library now keeps images internally in 24bit or 32bit (loading and saving works with other bit depths)

- Fixed: Quite some bugs in libraries and in the compiler

- Added: Keyword underline for Break, Continue, ProcedureReturn
- Added: StatusBar help for prototypes and interfaces
- Added: Keyword sensitive indentation (block mode is still available)
- Added: "Format indentation" option in the edit menu
- Added: Indentation guides and whitespace options
- Added: The ability to select multiple compilers in the compiler options
- Added: Purifier tool for the debugger
- Added: Full debugger compatibility between all OS and processors
- Added: Network debugging for the standalone debugger
- Added: Data breakpoints for the debugger
- Added: Support for structured items in the 'View Array/List/Map' tab of the Variable Viewer

- Changed: The Array, List or Map name in the Variable viewer should be entered with a "()" now to display their elements.

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