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23rd May 2008

PureBasic V4.20 (all OS)

- Added: Mail library
- Added: Ftp library
- Added: RegularExpression library
- Added: Http library
- Added: SerialPort library
- Added: FLAC library
- Added: SQLite library
- Added: DirectX 9 subsystem
- Added: Sound Streaming for OGG and FLAC
- Added: #PB_Sound_MultiChannel support for the sound library
- Added: CreateImageMenu(), CreatePopupImageMenu(), SHA1FingerPrint(), SHA1FileFingerPrint()
- Added: CRC32FileFingerprint(), ExamineMD5FingerPrint(), ExamineSHA1FingerPrint(),
- Added: NextFingerPrint(), FinishFingerPrint(), IsFingerPrint()
- Added: Hexadecimal and binary support for Val() and ValQ()
- Added: #PB_Compiler_Procedure compiler constant
- Added: #PB_Round_Nearest support for Round()
- Added: 'XOr' drawing support for Linux/SDL and MacOS X
- Added: New "Profiler" tool for the Debugger menu to monitor how often lines are called in the code
- Added: Debugger can now evaluate expressions (see Debug output)
- Added: The Memory Viewer can accept any expression as the start/end address
- Added: Adding a "+" at the "end address" field of the Memory viewer makes the end address relative
- Added: Placing the mouse over a Variable will display its value while the program runs.
- Added: Selecting a more complex expression and placing the mouse over it will evaluate the expression in the running program (if possible)

- Changed: Mid() has now the Len() parameter optional

- Optimized: Compiler source processing speed (up to 8x faster)
- Optimized: The whole commandset by using a better C compiler (Windows only)

- Fixed: Quite some bugs related to the commands and compiler

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