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9th November 2007

PureBasic V4.10 (all OS)

- Added: XML library
- Added: Drag & Drop library
- Added: Vista compatibility (fully comptiable with UAC), except for Sprite library (planned for 4.20)
- Added: ModPlug support for module replaying (removed MIDAS)
- Added: ScintillaGadget(), TruncateFile()
- Added: EnableASM and DisableASM compiler directives
- Added: #PB_OS_Windows_Vista and #PB_OS_Windows_Server_2008 for OSVersion()
- Added: Lots of new fetaures for the WebGadget()
- Added: many new small improvement to the IDE (New compiler communication protocol, Vista compliance, brace markers, faster coloring etc.)
- Added: synchronized release between Windows, Linux and MacOS X !

- Changed: InitDatabase() to UseODBCDatabase()
- Changed: On Windows the IDE and PB tools preferences are now stored in the user applicationdata folder

- Removed: The SmartUpdate tool is no longer supported

- Fixed: lots of bugs related to the commands and compiler

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