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5th October 2005

PureBasic V3.94 (MacOS X)

It's finally here ! It's the result of many months of hard work and we are very happy to present the OS X version of PureBasic. It is very complete, proposes native support of all PureBasic libraries and can be used either on the command line (for command line freaks) or via the provided IDE. There is even an optional support for GTK 1 and 2 to test the application look and feel with this API (when porting from OS X to Linux for example). Don't hesitate to play with it and reports any problems to http://forums.purebasic.com. Have fun !

- Build in native IDE and debuggers (standalone or console)
- Native OS X support for GUI (Carbon), sprites (OpenGL), sounds and movies (QuickTime).
- Very fast PowerPC assembler code generation, which allows excellent performances and
   reduced executable size
- Build in OS X API support (only for a few functions for now)
- The IDE and debuggers are fully written in PureBasic, which prove the portability
   concept between OS X, Windows and Linux
- Most of the PureBasic commandset is supported
- Much, much more !

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