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21th September 2005

PureBasic V3.94 (Linux)

- Added: Brand new IDE for GTK1.2 and GTK2 !
- Added: Powerful integrated, standalone and console debuggers !
- Added: SoundPlugin and SoudPluginOGG libraries
- Added: FillArea() support for both SDL and GTK
- Added: DrawingMode() support for SDL (except XOR)
- Added: #PB_ToolBar_Toggle, Get/SetToolBarButtonState()
- Added: Same font than Windows for SDL drawing commands
- Added: DrawingImage() and Point() support for GTK
- Added: DrawingImage() for SDL, including with zoom support
- Added: CallCFunction() and CallCFunctionFast()
- Added: Get/SetGadgetAttribute() support for ScrollAreaGadget()
- Added: ContainerGadget() border flags support
- Added: #PB_Event_ActivateWindow
- Added: #PB_Splitter_First/SecondMinimumSize support
- Added: #PB_Splitter_First/SecondFixed support
- Added: CountTreeGadgetNodeItems() support
- Added: Optional 'Position' parameter for OpenTreeGadgetNode()
- Added: Optional 'Color' parameter for ColorRequester()
- Added: PNG transparency support for images (for Toolbar, and Gadgets)
- Added: ParentID support for OpenWindow()

- Changed: *Warning* CallFunction/Fast() isn't CDecl anymore (CallCFunction is)

- Optimized: SDL and GTK shared libraries are now linked only if used
- Optimized: 2DDrawing is smaller and faster
- Optimized: Recoded completely the ListViewGadget() to be more scalable

- Fixed: Font management for GTK2 has been reworked
- Fixed: CallFunction() and CallFunctionFast took only 11 arguments
- Fixed: Circle() and Ellipse() wasn't properly centered
- Fixed: GrabImage() and CopyImage() could fail with ID > 9
- Fixed: RunProgram() exited the program if the file wasn't found
- Fixed: PopupMenu() didn't return WindowEventID() correctly
- Fixed: SetGadgetState() with ListViewGadget() didn't scroll
- Fixed: Multiple call to CreateToolBar() could lead to a crash
- Fixed: TrackBarGadget() bug with GTK2
- Fixed: Image problems on 16 bits desktops
- Fixed: Refresh problem with SetGadgetState() and ButtonImageGadget()
- Fixed: RemoveGadgetItem() didn't work with ListIconGadget()
- Fixed: DesktopDepth() wasn't working
- Fixed: EditorGadget() didn't supported Get/SetGadgetItemText(), CountGadgetItems(),
- Fixed: Menu shortcuts didn't fired any events
- Fixed: MenuItem() issued a gtk warning when using a wrong accelerator
- Fixed: EventType() for ListViewGadget() wasn't working
- Fixed: Input() returned only one character
- Fixed: ClipSprite() wasn't working properly
- Fixed: CatchSound() didn't have the optional parameter
- Fixed: ReceiveNetworkFile() wasn't working
- Fixed: NetworkServerEvent() didn't send deconnect event
- Fixed: userlibraries\ directory wasn't working
- Fixed: Arrows are now displayed when there is too much Panels items
- Fixed: Images were disappearing in the TreeGadget()
- Fixed: #PB_Event_SizeWindow event was lost sometimes

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