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16th August 2005

PureBasic V3.94 (Windows)

- Added: Brand a new IDE and 3 Debuggers (!)
- Added: Resource file support to the compiler and IDE (/RESOURCE compiler switch)
- Added: Version support for executables and DLL (trough resource)
- Added: #PB_Event_ActivateWindow event support
- Added: #PB_Web_Mozilla flag to use the Mozilla ActiveX for the WebGadget()
- Added: GetToolBarButtonState() and SetToolBarButtonState()
- Added: Full documentation for the IDE and Debuggers

- Fixed: 32x32 bitmaps in ListIconGadget() with big icon display mode
- Fixed: OpenScreen()/CloseScreen() could fail when using sprite3D
- Fixed: MovieLength() and MovieInfo() were incorrect with WMV format (thanks to Traumatic ;-)
- Fixed: ToolBar disable bug when mixing image and icon with XP skins
- Fixed: Possible crash when closing a window with a free'ed statusbar or toolbar
- Fixed: ImageGadget() and ButtonImageGadget() couldn't be used with AnimateWindow_()
- Fixed: ImageGadget() bug when using DisableGadget()
- Fixed: LineXY() didn't release memory correctly
- Fixed: Line() and LineXY() affected the DrawText() position
- Fixed: SortList() could crash with big already sorted lists
- Fixed: SetMenuItemState() did change the disable state
- Fixed: Editable combobox created with #PB_Any didn't handle TAB correctly
- Fixed: OpenFileRequester() fails if the default filename wasn't correct
- Fixed: Compiler bug with string concatenation and procedures
- Fixed: Alignment problem in procedure which could makes API call fails in some case

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