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28th February 2005

PureBasic V3.93 (Windows)

- Added: SortStructuredArray(), SortList(), SortStructuredList()
- Added: Conditional directives to LibraryMaker
- Added: KeyboardMode() (wasn't in the doc)
- Added: Optional 'Color' parameter for ColorRequester() and FontRequester()
- Added: SetGadgetText() can now be used on an editable ComboBoxGadget()
- Added: #PB_Default support to ClipSprite() to remove the clipping
- Added: #PB_FileSystem_Force to CopyDirectory()
- Added: #PB_OS_Windows_Server_2003 support to OSVersion()
- Added: Base64Decoder(), GetGadgetFont()
- Added: ResizeImage() now support a 'Mode' parameter to choose the resize algorythm
- Added: Event when a splitter is moved or resized so the children can be agenced
- Added: Realtime debugger check for Plot(x,y,Color) with ScreenOutput() and SpriteOutput()
- Added: Debugger check to DirectoryEntrySize/Name/Attributes()
- Added: IDE enhancements by Tinman

- Updated: Interface Importer and DirectX9 interfaces in residents (thanks to Traumatic !)
- Updated: Uses of Kale's icons for the IDE
- Updated: French documentation spellchecked and reworked by trasfract

- Optimized: Debugger mode is smaller and allow big structured variables
- Optimized: Splitted Misc library
- Optimized: Faster Base64Encoder() function
- Optimized: Better code generation for string assignement and concatenation

- Changed: OffsetOf() syntax, to fit with the SizeOf() one (more consistent)

- Fixed: A bug in ImageGadget() with XP skin activated and 32 bits bitmaps
- Fixed: ExplorerListGadget() didn't displayed .ico and .lnk files correctly
- Fixed: ButtonImageGadget() was loosing its picture in rare case with XP skins
- Fixed: No more 'ding' (windows sound) on click in fullscreen when ExamineMouse() wasn't used
- Fixed: When using ALT+TAB with a fullscreen application, the icon is correctly displayed
- Fixed: Sprites are now correctly restored when switching back from multitask
- Fixed: CopyDirectory() modified the input string in some case
- Fixed: ListIndex() was broken in some rare cases
- Fixed: RemoveString() and CRC32FingerPrint() couldn't be used in expressions
- Fixed: SetGadgetItemText() was broken for ListView() gadget
- Fixed: ExamineDirectory() with an uninitialized string variable
- Fixed: CalendarGadget() bug when multiple calendars were initialized on the same window
- Fixed: RSet() returned wrong result in some rare cases
- Fixed: CreateFile() failed on hidden files
- Fixed: ZeroMemory_(), FillMemory_(), MoveMemory_() and CopyMemory_() wasn't recognized
- Fixed: #PB_Event_MoveWindow is now correctly recognized
- Fixed: #PB_EventType_LostFocus wasn't sent if 2 stringgadgets were side by side.
- Fixed: Gadget's tooltips wasn't correctly displayed on NT4 when the window was always on top
- Fixed: OGG Plugin wasn't working anymore and sometimes songs were cut. It's also faster to decode.
- Fixed: ResizeImage() doesn't change the image anymore if the same dimensions are used.
- Fixed: TAB in an EditorGadget() doesn't give the focus to others gadgets anymore but insert a Tab
- Fixed: LCase() didn't handled the 'ß' german character correctly
- Fixed: SetGadgetState() wasn't working correctly for OptionGadget()
- Fixed: Debugger's code listing window dimensions are now saved like other windows
- Fixed: EditorGadget() while using AddGadgetItem() with blank strings and -1 position
- Fixed: SortArray() could crash on big already sorted arrays and is now thread safe
- Fixed: ReceiveNetworkFile() didn't handle long filename correctly
- Fixed: Display issues with ButtonImageGadget() and toogle mode (with API)
- Fixed: SpriteWidth() and SpriteHeight() returned wrong values when ClipSprite() was used
- Fixed: MessageRequester() over a console window sent the console window to the back
- Fixed: SetGadgetState() for ListIconGadget() stealed the current focus
- Fixed: Base64Encoder() produced wrong output sometimes
- Fixed: Refresh problem with Frame3DGadget() and #PB_Frame3D_Single/Double flags
- Fixed: GDI resource leak in ButtonImageGadget() and ImageGadget()
- Fixed: RotateSprite3D was using a wrong angle
- Fixed: DisableMenuItem() didn't work with #PB_Any
- Fixed: GadgetWidth() didn't work correctly for SpinGadget()
- Fixed: Date() returned wrong result for the 1970,1,1,0,0,0 case
- Fixed: CallFunctionFast() accepted only 17 parameters instead of 20
- Fixed: OpenWindowedScreen() with AutoStretch mode missed some pixels
- Fixed: Some refresh bug with PanelGadget()
- Fixed: Transparent color error with 32 bits screen and 'texture' sprites
- Fixed: Some small bugs in the IDE
- Fixed: Several compiler bugs (string concatenation, interfaces in procedures)

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