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25th January 2005

PureBasic V3.92 (Linux)

- Added: Full runtime debugger support with a simple console debugger
- Added: New library maker with conditional directives
- Added: Docmaker for Linux in sdk/
- Added: DynamicCPU, SSE, SSE2, 3DNOW, MMX support to compiler
- Added: General subsytem support for the compiler
- Added: GTK2+ support (optional trough compiler switch: --subsytem gtk2)
- Added: Desktop Library
- Added: RemoveKeyboardShortcut(), GetGadgetAttribute(), SetGadgetAttribute()
- Added: GetGadgetItemAttribute(), SetGadgetItemAttribute()
- Added: CalendarGadget(), ExplorerTreeGadget(), ExplorerComboGadget()
- Added: MDIGadget(), DateGadget()
- Added: WebGadget() (A link from /usr/lib/libgtkmozembed.so need to be done)
- Added: UsePalette(), CreatePalette(), SetPaletteColor(), GetPaletteColor()
- Added: SwapElements(), IsFile(), DeleteDirectory()
- Added: OpenGadgetList(), CountString(), ActivateWindow()
- Added: ThreadPriority(), WaitThread()
- Added: CountLibraryFunctions(), ExamineLibraryFunctions(), NextLibraryFunction()
- Added: LibraryFunctionName(), LibraryFunctionAddress()
- Added: Standard icon button for toolbar
- Added: Bicubic Interpolation for ResizeImage()

- Updated: ExplorerListGadget() now use icons

- Optimized: Linked lists, MemoryExtension and Misc (splitted libraries)

- Fixed: SetGadgetFont() with #PB_Default wasn't working
- Fixed: Font support for OptionGadget(), PanelGadget(), ExplorerListGadget()
- Fixed: GTK/GDK and SDL structures in the residents
- Fixed: RunProgram() could fail if no parameters were specified
- Fixed: BMP decoder for sprites
- Fixed: NetworkServerEvent() was blocking in some cases
- Fixed: ResizeImage() wasn't working
- Fixed: Memory leak in SaveImage()
- Fixed: Events with ExplorerListGadget() and ExplorerTreeGadget()
- Fixed: SpinGadget() recoded from scratch to be 100% compatible with Windows
- Fixed: Sounds commands doesn't crash anymore if no soundcard is present
- Fixed: MessageRequester() and InputRequester() could lock X
- Fixed: CountGadgetItems() didn't worked for TreeGadget()
- Fixed: FormatDate() crashed
- Fixed: ReplaceString() which was broken in some case
- Fixed: EventWindowID() wasn't working with menu events
- Fixed: CatchSprite() 3th parameter wasn't optional
- Fixed: OpenFile() failed when the file wasn't existing
- Fixed: ExamineDirectory() crashed when a null string variable was used
- Fixed: Linker errors with Random(), PeekB()
- Fixed: HideGadget() and FreeGadget() on some gadgets
- Fixed: WindowX() and WindowY() returned wrong values
- Fixed: Open/SaveFileRequester() when entering directly the file in the edit area

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