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25th October 2004

PureBasic V3.92 (Windows)

- Added: CalendarGadget() and DateGadget(), thanks to Fr34k !
- Added: LibraryID(), SwapElements()
- Added: SaveSprite() now have an optional 'Flags' parameter and can now save 8 bits sprite/screen
- Added: Doubleclick on windows background now generate an event (Thanks to Rings)

- Optimized: ListCount() and ListIndex() are now very fast (no full list iteration anymore).

- Changed: DeleteElement() now always goes back to the previous element (can be outside the list if
                 it was the first element), to be fully compatible with ForEach. An optional flag has been added
                 to preserve previous behaviour.
- Changed: the application current directory isn't anymore touched by any PureBasic command to conform
                 to Windows rules.

- Fixed: CloseWindow() bug when using the 'ParentWindow' OpenWindow() parameter
- Fixed: IsSound() wasn't available in NT4 mode
- Fixed: AddDate() could fail depending of the computer time zone
- Fixed: Memory leak with linkedlists, arrays and local variables when using a structure with strings
- Fixed: SaveSprite() default value for JPEG saving is now '7'.
- Fixed: DisplayPalette() failed on XP systems (1st and last color remained unchanged)
- Fixed: ImageGadget() now supports ToolTips and bitmap/icon live switching
- Fixed: ImageButtonGadget() now supports skinning and bitmap/icon live switching
- Fixed: SetGadgetItemText() for ListViewGadget() destroyed the item user data
- Fixed: CopyImage() failed on WinNT4 under some conditions
- Fixed: A memory leak in SendNetworkFile(). Now, it returns 1 on success or 0 on failure.
- Fixed: StatusBarText() didn't refresh the statusbar with the 'Borderless' flag
- Fixed: CatchImage() with #PB_any
- Fixed: the PNG decoder nows handle corrupted PNG safely
- Fixed: the JPEG encoder with quality value inferior to 3 could lead to a crash
- Fixed: a little TreeGadget() bug when checkboxes were activated
- Fixed: Packer compression routine was sometimes hanging on some files
- Fixed: OnError library wasn't useable in a DLL (thanks to Rings)
- Fixed: Litteral string concatenation were wrong in some cases
- Fixed: The compiler didn't returned a non zero exit code if an error occured
- Fixed: Several compiler bugs

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