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16th July 2004

PureBasic V3.91 (Linux)

- Added: #PB_Any for all libraries which supports it on Windows
- Added: Compress routine for the Packer library
- Added: DisplayShadowSprite(), DisplayAlphaSprite(), ChangeAlphaIntensity()
- Added: IPString(), MakeIPAddress()
- Added: DirectoryEntryAttributes()
- Added: Set/GetWindowTitle()
- Added: 8bits BMP RLE support for all images related commands
- Added: IsDatabase(), IsFile(), IsFont(), IsDirectory(), IsGadget(), IsImage(), IsLibrary(), IsMenu()
             IsModule(), IsMovie(), IsPalette(), IsSprite(), IsSprite3D(), IsStatusBar(), IsSysTrayIcon()
             IsToolBar(), IsWindow()

- Updated: Database library

- Fixed: FileSize() which doesn't returns the right values
- Fixed: NextSelectedFile() to behave like the Windows command
- Fixed: OpenSubMenu()
- Fixed: ColorRequester() returned a wrong value
- Fixed: Box() command when used with SpriteOutput() or ScreenOutput()
- Fixed: CatchSprite() was not decoding a all BMP properly
- Fixed: Linker bug when using InitCDAudio() alone
- Fixed: SpinGadget() was displaying some GTK warning
- Fixed: EditorGadget() when put in ContainerGadget() or SplitterGadget()
- Fixed: Round() was missing
- Fixed: DrawingBufferPixelFormat() which returned a wrong value
- Fixed: PanelGadget(): GetGadgetState() and SetGadgetState() wasn't supported
- Fixed: GadgetX(), GadgetY(), GadgetWidth() and GadgetHeight() for some gadgets
- Fixed: ResizeWindow()
- Fixed: a bug in WindowEvent()
- Fixed: #PB_EventType_Change and #PB_EventType_Focus for StringGadget() and ComboBoxGadget()
- Fixed: event for PanelGadget()

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