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4th July 2004

PureBasic V3.91 (Windows)

- Added: Desktop library
- Added: Manifest file (for XP skins) is now included in the exe
- Added: 'Main source' support in the IDE for multifile projects
- Added: Debugger check for empty list element access
- Added: IsDatabase(), IsFile(), IsFont(), IsDirectory(), IsGadget(), IsImage(), IsLibrary(), IsMenu()
             IsModule(), IsMovie(), IsPalette(), IsSprite(), IsSprite3D(), IsStatusBar(), IsSysTrayIcon()
             IsToolBar(), IsWindow()

- Changed: the LCC resource compiler and linker to PellesC one
- Changed: WindowMouseX() and WindowMouseY() now returns the coordinates in the window client area
                 (DesktopMouseX() now replaces the old behaviour).

- Fixed: AddDate() bug
- Fixed: MDIGadget resize when a StatusBar was added after the MDI creation
- Fixed: InputPathRequester() which could crash on Win98 in some circonstances
- Fixed: OpenWindowedScreen() position when used within container gadgets
- Fixed: Trim() in expression
- Fixed: a crash which could randomly occurs at the very end of the program when OpenHelp() was used.
- Fixed: a bug in PlayMovie() which could hide the movie on some configuration
- Fixed: Compiler bug when accessing a deeply nested structure array.

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