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12th April 2004

PureBasic V3.90 (Windows)

- Added: #PB_Any support (dynamic numbering) for DataBase, File, Font, FileSystem, Gadget, Image,
              Library, Module, Movie, Palette, Sprite, Sprite3D, SysTray, ToolBar, StatusBar and Window
- Added: CountString(), KeyboardInkey(), GetWindowTitle(), SetWindowTitle(), ElapsedMilliseconds()
- Added: RemoveGadgetColumn(), SetGadgetAttribute(), GetGadgetAttribute()
- Added: SetGadgetItemAttribute(), GetGadgetItemAttribute()
- Added: MDIGadget() by Fr34k
- Added: VerticalBlank support for FlipBuffers() (and works in windowedmode too)
- Added: Autosize for StatusBar and ToolBar (no more callback needed)
- Added: New size handler by Fr34k which allow realtime window sizing with #PB_Event_SizeWindow
- Added: New 'z' optional parameter to TransformSprite3D()
- Added: Several new flags for SplitterGadget() for better flexibility
- Added: SetGadgetAttribute() support for ScrollAreaGadget() to resize the inner area.
- Added: Joystick and Module support for NT4 compatibility mode
- Added: Hexadecimal display, clear-copy-save debug output and window position saving to the debugger
- Added: Support for different depth icons for the default program icon
- Added: IDE features: Interface viewer, new MS SDK support, find in files, line numbering
- Added: 'Static' keyword for local variables (in procedures) which need to be persistent
- Added: Last FAsm version, which has some speed improvement and fix a bug on big sources
- Added: QuickHelp support in the Purebasic IDE for most of the API functions !

- Changed: no more #Memory ID and flag for AllocateMemory()
- Changed: CDAudioName() doesn't need an ID anymore, as stated in the docs.

- Splitted: CDAudio, Database, File, Network, StatusBar and Systray libraries

- Removed: UpdateStatusBar(), UseMemory(), MemoryID()

- Fixed: French documentation is now perfectly up to date
- Fixed: NT4 (DirectX 3) support for Sprite, Palette, Sound, Keyboard and Mouse libraries
- Fixed: Bug in CreateSprite3D(), the width and height was 1 pixel wider
- Fixed: Bug with SpritePixelCollision if the same sprite was used for both collisions.
- Fixed: Bug in the debugger with win98 (application window was in background)
- Fixed: OpenWindowedScreen() didn't take the menu height in count (if any)
- Fixed: IsFilename() missed some checks
- Fixed: Several expression parser bugs in the compiler
- Fixed: SizeOf() when used with extended structures
- Fixed: NewPrinterPage() bug on Win98
- Fixed: CloseScreen() when used with Sprite3D library
- Fixed: Several paths problems when using the compiler in console mode
- Fixed: All requesters now locks all the opened windows

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