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1st January 2004 - Happy New Year !

PureBasic V3.81 (Linux)

- Added Sort library
- Added Toolbar library
- Added StatusBar library
- Added Font library
- Added full 3D engine support
- Added $PUREBASIC_HOME env variable to specify the install path
- Added ElapsedMilliseconds()
- Added CatchSprite(), CreateSprite(), SpriteOutput() and ScreenOutput()
- Added 2DDrawing support for ScreenOutput() and SpriteOutput() with very fast direct video buffer access
- Added SplitterGadget(), ContainerGadget(), ScrollAreaGadget(), IPAddressGadget(), EditorGadget()
- Added ScrollBarGadget(), SpinGadget(), TrackBarGadget(), HyperLinkGadget(), ExplorerListGadget()
- Added GetGadgetItemState(), SetGadgetItemState(), GetGadgetItemText(), SetGadgetItemText()
- Added BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and TGA decoder support for LoadImage() and LoadSprite()
- Added BMP, JPEG and PNG encoder for SaveImage()
- Added SaveImage(), CopyImage(), GrabImage()
- Added CopySprite(), GrabSprite(), UseBuffer(), DisplayTranslucideSprite(), DisplayRGBFilter()
- Added WindowID(#Window), WindowOutput()
- Added PathRequester(), InputRequester()
- Added DisableMenuItem(), GetMenuItemState(), SetMenuItemState(), MenuHeight()
- Added CloseTreeGadgetNode(), UseGadgetList(), SetGadgetFont(), ButtonImageGadget()
- Added DayOfYear(), SelectedFontStyle()
- Added XOR and unfilled shape support for 2DDrawing
- Added NextSelectedFileName()
- Added StrU(), CopyFile()
- Added pattern matching to ExamineDirectory()

- Splitted the Gadget library
- Splitted the Sprite library

- Compiler updated to 3.81 with Enumeration, Interface, modulo and more...

This update is available for free to all registered users, just send a mail to support@purebasic.com with your personnal infos and your registration mail. Thanks a lot !

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