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9th December 2003

PureBasic V3.81 (Windows)

- Added: DatabaseUpdate(), DatabaseError()
- Added: Play/Stop/Resume/PauseMovie() support for sprite rendered movies
- Added: 'Extends' support for 'Structure'
- Added: Icon support and live image resize for DrawImage()
- Added: 2, 16 and 256 colors BMP support for Catch/LoadSprite()
- Added: #PB_Default support for DrawingFont()
- Added: Added Japanese support for Gadget library, editor and Visual Designer
- Added: Excellent SmartUpdate tool from fr34k to update quicky any PureBasic version
- Added: Last version of the Visual Designer by Berikco

- Optimized: ExplorerGadgets are now 5x faster for directories scanning

- Changed: Labels are no more case-sensitive
- Changed: Default quality for SaveImage() and JPEG plugin is now '7'
- Changed: InitModule() and InitPalette() doesn't need the maximum parameter anymore
- Changed: PlayMovie() behaviour has changed for rendered movies

- Fixed: A memory leak in Sprite rendered movies
- Fixed: Requesters commands could lock other applications if no window were opened
- Fixed: Some interfaces definitions was wrong in the Residents
- Fixed: String constants with multiple constants items
- Fixed: KeyboardReleased(#PB_Key_All) wasn't working
- Fixed: Compiler bug with Interface in procedure and with string returns
- Fixed: ProcedureDLL bug when a string return type was specified
- Fixed: CopySprite() didn't work with Alpha-Sprites
- Fixed: Bug in the compiler optimizer with bytes and word in some very rare cases
- Fixed: JPEG and TIFF decoder bug in rare situation
- Fixed: Small EditorGadget() and SpinGadget() bugs

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