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6th October 2003

PureBasic V3.80 (Windows)

- Added: ExplorerComboBoxGadget()
- Added: CameraProjection(), CameraBackColor() and CameraRange()
- Added: The modulo operand: '%'
- Added: ForEach command to iterate linkedlists quickly
- Added: Interface/EndInterface to support object function call ! Yes, native COM and DX objects support.
- Added: Big residents files with all Windows/DirectX interfaces ready to use !
- Added: Break and Continue to modify the loops flow
- Added: Enumeration/EndEnumeration to quickly declare a lot of sequential constants
- Added: OffsetOf() to get the offset of a structure or interface field
- Added: SizeOf() now supports variables and Interfaces
- Added: Interface, Float and String constants support to the 'Resident' file format
- Added: Quality support for SaveImage() and the JPEG encoder
- Added: MessageRequester() 'Flags' is now an optionnal parameter
- Added: The Editor syntax coloring and structure viewer have been greatly enhanced

- Optimized: Removed many OGRE's dependencies resulting in a smaller Engine3D.DLL

- Changed: Constants are back real constants now (use Enumeration to have dynamic constants)

- Fixed: ASM registers display in the Debugger
- Fixed: IncludePath problems with IncludeBinary
- Fixed: Couldn't use TAB inside an editable ComboBoxGadget()
- Fixed: DeleteDirectory() failed with a read-only directory in 'Force' mode
- Fixed: TGA decoder bug for Top/Down and RLE pictures
- Fixed: Possible lock in the AddPackFile() and PackMemory() routines
- Fixed: the structure size when the structure was very big (over 32000 bytes)
- Fixed: Int(): a negative value could produce wrong results
- Fixed: A LinkedList issue when it was used in and outside a Procedure
- Fixed: Line() and LineXY() was not drawing the last point
- Fixed: debugger checks: InitEngine3D()
- Fixed: A bug in TextLength() when an empty string was used
- Fixed: ProcedureReturn bug when used in 'Select String$' expression
- Fixed: Sounds were limited to 50 when debugger was activated
- Fixed: ClipSprite() wasn't supported by DisplayAlpha/Shadow/Solid/TranslucideSprite()
- Fixed: A reserved keyword like 'Data' couldn't be used in a Structure
- Fixed: CreatePack(), SaveImage() and SaveSprite() didn't work with very long filename
- Fixed: Inkey() was halting the program flow
- Fixed: FileSize() returned wrong value on Win9x for root directories
- Fixed: An editor bug which caused panel tab inversion

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