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13th July 2003

PureBasic V3.72 (Windows)

- Changed: SelectedFilePattern() pattern index is now '0' based instead of '1' based. Warning !
- Changed: ListIndex() is now '0' based instead of '1' based. Warning !

- Updated: IDE: find/replace updated, an '*' now identify a modified file
- Updated: Toolbar library has been splitted and optimized
- Updated: all missing libraries quickhelps (status bar of the editor)

- Fixed: ParseDate() when no separators were used in the date
- Fixed: ResizeImage() has now a nice quality resampling
- Fixed: several gadget events issue (Splitter, Panel)
- Fixed: PNG and JPEG decoder in some rare cases
- Fixed: the name of several functions (OnError library)
- Fixed: several compiler bugs

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