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7th June 2003

PureBasic V3.70 (Windows)

- Added: Terrain library
- Added: Billboard library
- Added: Entity library
- Added: Material library
- Added: Particle library
- Added: OnError library
- Added: CameraLookAt(), CameraRenderMode(), CameraFOV(), Engine3DFrameRate(), CountRenderedTriangles()
- Added: CreateMesh(), SetMeshData()
- Added: ExamineLibraryFunctions(), NextLibraryFunction(), LibraryFunctionName(), LibraryFunctionAddress()
- Added: IsFunctionEntry(), CallCFunction(), CallCFunctionFast()
- Added: RenderMovieFrame(): Yes, you can play a movie on a sprite or on a screen !
- Added: OpenGadgetList(), ScrollBarGadget(), ScrollAreaGadget(), SplitterGadget()
- Added: HyperLinkGadget(), ContainerGadget(), EditorGadget()
- Added: TreeGadgetItemNumber(), ExplorerListGadget(), ExplorerTreeGadget()
- Added: #PB_FontRequester_Effects flag for the FontRequester()
- Added: PanelGadget() has been fully rewritten and is now XP theme compliant
- Added: TreeGadget() has been rewritten to support dynamic items (add, remove..)
- Added: AddGadgetItem() now support picture for the PanelGadget()
- Added: 'ParentID' optional parameter to OpenWindow()
- Added: CDecl support for PureFunctions and procedures (Added 'ProcedureCDLL' and 'DeclareCDLL' keyword)
- Added: End [ExitCode] optional parameter
- Added: More precise error message for Assembly and Linker errors
- Added: /LINENUMBERING compiler switch
- Added: Full debugger support for the 3D engine
- Added: ComboBox support for GetGadgetItemText() and SetGadgetItemText()
- Added: Many new functions for the Visual designer including Tab order, font selection, new gadgets and more..

- Changed: Mesh library, introduced a new Entity one (for more flexible control)
- Changed: ClosePanelGadget to CloseGadgetList()
- Changed: Inline assembly labels are now l_label instead of pLabel

- Splitted and optimized the Movie library

- Fixed: SpriteCollision() and SpritePixelCollision() was 1 pixel wrong
- Fixed: Result code for CopyDirectory was wrong in some case
- Fixed: StrF(): if a digit number is specifed it rounds correctly
- Fixed: Several debugger warning was missing
- Fixed: Floats and integers were badly mixed in some case

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