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17th March 2003

PureBasic V3.60 (Windows)

- Added: Powerful Visual Designer, to easily creates graphical applications
- Added: Many new optimizations in the compiler core, resulting in faster/smaller code (especially when dealing with arrays and structured variables)
- Added: Native JPEG, TIFF, PNG and TGA image/sprite decoder trough plugin
- Added: Native JPEG and PNG image/sprite encoder trough plugin
- Added: Native OGG sound decoder trough plugin
- Added: AvailableScreenMemory(), SelectedFilePattern(), DefaultPrinter()
- Added: Flags for LoadFont() to allow italic, bold and more
- Added: Multisource support for the debugger (Included files)
- Added: Array overflow debugger check
- Added: Data read overflow debugger check
- Added: Icon support for CatchImage()
- Added: MMX, 3DNOW, SSE and SSE2 optional support, with autoselect mode (to choose automatically the right routine at runtime, depending of the processor).
- Added: DLL Importer tool in the Library SDK

- Splitted: Font, Gadget and Window libraries, for smaller executable (Thanks to Danilo)

- Removed: CatchJPEGSPrite() and LoadJPEGSprite() (replaced by plugins)

- Enhanced the PureBasic library format (new compressed format)
- Enhanced Inline ASM now accept FPU opcode
- Enhanced the editor: DoubleClik on (X)IncludeFile open the file, Inline Help works for all keywords (If/EndIf..) ASM syntax coloring, Inline ASM help

- Changed: SetGadgetFont() now takes 2 parameters, to allow runtime font change

- Fixed SortArray() when sorting string in case insensitive mode
- Fixed the RunProgram() command with 3 args
- Fixed ImageOutput() problem with Windows 98
- Fixed the 16bits sprite display problem with some old gfx cards which use 15 bits internally
- Fixed some bugs in the compiler

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