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6th January 2003 - Happy New Year !

PureBasic V3.50 (Windows) :

- Added: Engine3D Library
- Added: Camera Library
- Added: Light Library
- Added: Mesh Library
- Added: Texture Library
- Added: WriteFloat(), ReadFloat(), MouseLocate(), MD5FileFingerprint()
- Added: STDCALL and ANY flags to PureLibraries. See SDK doc for more informations
- Added: TreeGadget checkboxes support for GetGadgetItemState()
- Added: SetGadgetState() now work for ButtonImageGadget()

- Updated: CallFunction() and CallFunctionFast(): Floats can be passed directly
- Updated: SetStatusBarText() 'Appareance' parameter is now optional
- Updated: Frame3DGadget() 'Flags' parameter is now optional

- Optimized: CallFunctionFast() (2x faster)
- Optimized: Code generation: Speed and size enhancements

- Changed: The assembler (FASM), resulting of better optimized code (ie: PB Editor is 6 kb smaller)
- Changed: LSet() by RSet() and RSet() by LSet() (was reversed compared to normal Basic functions)
- Changed: OpenTreeGadgetNode() and CloseTreeGadgetNode() (now need a parameter)
- Changed: ReleaseMouse() now takes one parameter

- Fixed: the game mouse support in windowed mode (could lead to computer lock)
- Fixed: SelectElement() was wrong when passing -1..
- Fixed: TreeGadget() when used several times on the same window
- Fixed: SaveImage() with 16bits and 8bits desktops
- Fixed: RSet() with 2 arguments
- Fixed: a little bug in ParseDate()
- Fixed: AddPackFile() and AddPackMemory(): buffer overflow in some rare cases
- Fixed: OpenFileRequester() with MultiSelection mode
- Fixed: a silly bug when using many images in the gadget items (TreeGadget, ListIconGadget...)
- Fixed: Cipher library

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