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9th October 2002

PureBasic V3.40 (Windows) :

- Changed: Structure names aren't case sensitive anymore (could produce difficult bug to look at)

- Added: Date library
- Added: Hostname(), ExamineIPAddresses(), NextIPAddress(), IPString()
- Added: LSet(), RSet(), Bin(), RemoveString(), StringField()
- Added: ModuleVolume(), OSVersion(), WaitThread()
- Added: CopyDirectory(), DeleteDirectory(), IsFilename()
- Added: NextSelectedFileName(), InputRequester()
- Added: DrawingBuffer(), DrawingBufferPixelFormat(), DrawingBufferPitch(), FillArea()
- Added: #PB_Compiler_Date, #PB_Compiler_OS compiler buildin constants

- Splitted libs: FileSystem, StringExtension, Date

- Updated: RunProgram() now has an optional WorkingDirectory$ parameter
- Updated: SetGadgetFont(#PB_Font_Default) now go back to default font
- Updated: 2 news flags for OpenWindow()
- Updated: GetGadgetItemText() and SetGadgetItemText() now works for TreeGadget()
- Updated: ReplaceString now have a new 'StartFrom' optionnal parameter
- Updated: SetGadgetState() can be used with ImageGadget() to change the current image
- Updated: Added 'Level' flag for Pack commands to have faster compression
- Updated: DLL AttachXXX() commands must have an 'Instance' parameter
- Updated: no more '_' when creating a DLL

- Fixed: Debugger problem in the FileSystem library
- Fixed: ReadPreferenceLong() and ReadPreferenceFloat()
- Fixed: SpriteOutput() bug when using Plot()
- Fixed: CDAudioTrackLength(): last track returned always 0..
- Fixed: OpenWindowedScreen(): bad BottomOffset and RightOffset values
- Fixed: GetPathPart(), GetFilePart() and GetExtensionPart()
- Fixed: SetGadgetText() when used with a ComboBox and an empty string (clear the combobox content)
- Fixed: SetClipboardText(), now use the TEXT instead of OEM format.
- Fixed: Compiler didn't warn when a Global variable was used in Procedure parameter.
- Fixed: Compiler bugs in InlineASM : 'MOV eax, "String"' and 'MOV eax, #CONSTANT' were wrong
- Fixed: Compiler bug when using negative float constant
- Fixed: Compiler bug when using float operations with API functions
- Fixed: Compiler bug when comparing string with numeric (now forbidden)
- Fixed: Compiler bug when using INCLUDEBINARY in DataSection
- Fixed: Compiler bug when DECLARE and PROCEDURE didn't match (no errors were generated)
- Fixed: Compiler bug when DEBUG was used in procedures with strings operations

- Editor enhanced (Multi files, Procedure browser, custom tools...) and OpenSource. Thanks to Danilo !

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