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16th August 2002

PureBasic V3.30 (Windows) :

This is a bug fixes and synchronization with Linux version release

Added: HideMenu(), CreateSprite(), UseBuffer()
Added: French help (fully translated)

Updated: SortArray() now works with float arrays
Updated: LoadSprite(), GrabSprite(), CopySprite(), CatchSprite(), LoadJPEGSPrite(), CatchJPEGSprite() have now an optionnal 'Mode' parameter
Updated: GetFilePart(), GetPathPart() and GetExtensionPart() now remove the surrounding quote (") if any..
Updated: SetGadgetItemState() and GetGadgetItemState() can now set/get the checkboxes state of a ListIconGadget() item

Fixed: SetClipboardText(): failed in some cases
Fixed: SpritePixelCollision(): failed if sprites were of different sizes
Fixed: LoadJPEGSprite was ignoring the 'Mode' parameter (not good for 3D sprites)
Fixed: Bug in AddGadgetItem() with ListIconGadget()
Fixed: PokeF() was missing
Fixed: MovieAudio(): wrong volume ramp (now based on decibels..)
Fixed: ReleaseMouse() wasn't recognized
Fixed: 2DDrawing bug (again...)
Fixed: LoadSprite() failed with 16 bits and 32 bits BMP.
Fixed: GetGadgetText() when used with an editable ComboBoxGadget()
Fixed: ReadByte() and ReadWord() (with long/word variables)
Fixed: FreeMenu(), GadgetX(), GadgetY()
Fixed: DisplaySolidSprite() was missing
Fixed: Debug routine missing for GadgetID()
Fixed: Bug when several Movies were used (crash at program end)
Fixed: ResizeImage()
Fixed: PreferenceGroup()
Fixed: ExamineMouse() returned always 0
Fixed: PathRequester crashed with uninitialized DefaultPath
Fixed: InitSprite3D() crashed when alone
Fixed: Editor: ZoomSprite3D() didn't highlight

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