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6th May 2002

PureBasic V3.10 (Windows) :

- Added: Preference library: OpenPreferences(), CreatePreferences(), ReadPreferenceLong/Float/String(), WritePreferenceLong/Float/String() PreferenceComment(), PreferenceGroup()
- Added: Windows XP skinning support (See 'Compiler Options' window)
- Added: GadgetX(), GadgetY(), GadgetWidth(), GadgetHeight(), GetGadgetItemState(), SetGadgetItemState(), GetGadgetItemText(), SetGadgetItemText(), CountGadgetItems(), TrackBarGadget(), IPAddressGadget()
- Added: HideWindow(), RandomSeed(), MakeIPAddress(), IPAddressField()
- Added: MouseWheel(), CatchSprite(), SaveSprite()
- Added: RotateSprite3D(), ZoomSprite3D(), TransformSprite3D(), Sprite3DQuality(), Sprite3DBlendingMode()
- Added: EventType(): Return/Change/Focus can be detected in StringGadget(), ComboBox() and more
- Added: CatchImage(), CreatePack(), ClosePack(), NextPackFile(), AddPackFile(), AddPackMemory(), PackFileSize(), OpenPack()
- Added: DirectoryEntrySize(), DirectoryEntryAttributes()
- Added: Full compatibility with 'WindowBlinds' on WinXP which seems to broke the event handler !

- Optimized: PureLibraries (Only used commands included) : Image, Misc2, GadgetExtension, Requester, Sprite3D, Memory, Packer

- Updated: CompareMemoryString(): Added an optional 'Length' parameter.
- Updated: DisplayPopupMenu(): (x,y) are now optionnal
- Updated: ResizeGadget(): passing '-1' to one of the arguments make it ignored (very useful for resizeable GUI)
- Updated: GetGadgetText() and TextGadgetText() now works with TreeGadget() and ListIconGadget()
- Updated: AddGadgetItem() now have an optional Image parameter.
- Updated: OpenWindow(): now add the border size automatically, to fix skinning problem under XP
- Updated: FileSize() now returns size for every files, even locked one

- Removed: InitGadget(): no more needed.
- Removed: DoubleClick() and EventMouseButtons(): Use EventType() instead
- Removed: OpenDefaultConsole(). Now OpenConsole() detects automatically if the program is in 'Console' or 'Windows' format.
- Removed: AddListIconGadgetItem() and AddTreeGadgetItem(): AddGadgetItem() is now used
- Removed: ExpandTreeGadgetItem() and TreeGadgetItemState(): Set/GetGadgetItemState() is now used

- Fixed: Gadget events for ComboBox, ListIcon and Systray.
- Fixed: Possible memory leaks with strings in particular cases
- Fixed: Possible bug when using Procedures as callbacks
- Fixed: Create3DSprite(): size was 1 pixel less
- Fixed: Each window has now its own private class
- Fixed: PlaySound(): debugger routine missing and little glitch at the end of playback
- Fixed: ResizeGadget() with PanelGadget and some refresh problems
- Fixed: FindString() on Win9x
- Fixed: ExamineDirectory() bug on Win9x
- Fixed: Module library, playback should work everywhere now
- Fixed: SetGadgetText() for ListViewGadget()
- Fixed: SelectedFontColor()
- Fixed: Silly bug in DeleteElement()
- Fixed: NewList xxxx() alone produced a linker error
- Fixed: Bug when printing images
- Fixed: Random() command (again !)
- Fixed: ResizeImage() under Win9x
- Fixed: IncludeBinary bug (only absolute path worked)
- Fixed: Editor: Tab was badly handled. Little bug when pressing return. Minor coloring bug when pasting

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