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4th April 2002

PureBasic V3.00 (Windows) :

- Added: Library PureLibrary: OpenLibrary(), IsFunction(), CallFunction(), CloseLibrary()
- Added: Help PureLibrary: OpenHelp(), CloseHelp()
- Added: Clipboard PureLibrary: ClearClipboard(), GetClipboardText(), GetClipboardData(), SetClipboardData(), SetClipboardText()
- Added: ElseIf
- Added: If a condition (If/While...) isn't finished before ENDPROCEDURE, the compiler display an error.
- Added: ToolBarToolTip()
- Added: SpritePixelCollision()
- Added: Timer PureLibrary (Thanks to Danilo): StartTimer(), EndTimer(), GetMinTimerResolution(), GetMaxTimerResolution()
- Added: ComDX PureLibrary (Thanks to Danilo): CallCOM(), CallDX()
- Added: Printer PureLibrary: NewPrinterPage(), PrinterOutput(), PrintRequester(), StartPrinting(), StopPrinting(), PrinterPageWidth(), PrinterPageHeight()
- Added: Variable command argument for any function
- Added: Declare and DeclareDLL to declare procedures before declarate them
- Added: CopyMemoryString(), MemoryStringLength(), CompareMemory(), ReAllocateMemory(), CompareMemoryString()
- Added: CopyImage(), ResizeImage(), GrabImage()
- Added: MovieStatus(), MovieLength()
- Added: SoundVolume(), SoundPan(), SoundFrequency(), CatchSound()
- Added: FirstDatabaseRow(), PreviousDatabaseRow()
- Added: CreatePalette(), GetPaletteColor(), SetPaletteColor(), UsePalette()
- Added: RGB(), ReplaceString(), StrU(), StrF(), ValF()
- Added: HideGadget(), GadgetID()
- Added: Dutch catalog for the editor

- Updated: Brand new library architecture to allow to link ONLY needed commands to the final executable. For now, all the libraries aren't optimized to use it, but it will come, in a near future :). BTW, all libraries use the standard STDCALL format, so no argument reversed anymore. Old libraries are still fully compatiable.
- Updated: StopSound(): Passing '-1' will stop playing all sounds.
- Updated: PlaySound(): Flags parameter is now optionnal
- Updated: Sort(): now a range can be specified (ex: from elements 20 to 50 of the array)
- Updated: Resident file: #VK_xx constants added, some structures fixed.

- Changed: Internally, procedures parameters are now pushed in the right order. Warning, all the callback must be changed to reflect this. This also mean than DLL procedure parameters can be put in the right order.
- Changed: InitSound() doesn't requiers a maximum sound param anymore
- Changed: Renamed BackColour(), FrontColour() and TransparentSpriteColour() to BackColor(), FrontColor() and TransparentSpriteColor()

- Fixed: Compiler crash when using constant string, more check to the preprocessor
- Fixed: StartDrawing() bugs
- Fixed: Random(), to have more randomized numbers..
- Fixed: GetDatabaseString() when getting null values
- Fixed: ExamineDirectory(): Failure on Win9x systems on special cases
- Fixed: Resident problem. Now users residents are loaded.
- Fixed: Editor bug, which prevents to type special characters (characters over 128 in the ASCII table) and some minors other
- Fixed: A FPU bug which prevented OpenGL to work correctly
- Fixed: 'Debug' command: now accept float and string functions without problem.

- Removed: Mr Skunk PureLibraries, as some was bugged but we don't have the source code to fix them..

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