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13th January 2002

PureBasic V2.82 (Windows) :

- Added: PeekF(), PokeF()
- Added: Math library: ACos(), ASin(), ATan(), Pow(), Log(), Log10(), Round(), Cos(), Sin(), Tan(), Abs(), Sqr(), Int()
- Added: SpriteOutput(): Allow to use the 2DDrawing command on any sprites !
- Added: #PB_WindowInvisible

- Fixed: compiler/b> bugs (a.l = Pow(), a = -16/variable)
- Fixed: a bug in OpenDatabaseRequester() which prevents database opening with some ODBC drivers (MySQL...)
- Fixed: FrontColour() bug which caused DX and whole system crashes..
- Fixed: SaveImage(). Always save in 24 bits instead of 32 bits
- Fixed: ListViewGadget() now use the exact height gadget, not a rounded one
- Fixed: SysTrayIconToolTip() no more crash if specified text is over 64 characters
- Fixed: ListIconGadget(): Don't destroy the icons after FreeGadget()
- Fixed: ChangeListIconGadgetDiplay(): Refreshed automatically
- Fixed: Window background color under Windows XP

- Changed: StrF(Number) to StrF(Number, Precision)

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