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1st January 2002

PureBasic V2.80 (Happy New Year Release) (Windows) :

- Updated: Rewrote from scratch the compiler core: complex expression compliant
- Updated: Optimized the code output
- Added: /REASM compiler flag to allow source code reassembly after hand modifications
- Added: Possibility to use floats with API call.
- Fixed: float support (comparison, procedure, Abs(), Sin() etc..)
- Fixed: all known bugs

- Added: Sprite3D library: Create3DSprite(), Display3DSprite(), Transform3DSprite(), Free3DSprite(), Start3D(), Stop3D()
- Added: SaveImage()
- Added: Debugger routine for all commands
- Fixed: ExamineDirectory()
- Fixed: OpenFile() (Read wasn't working)

- Added: QuickHelp for almost all commands
- Added: Procedure direct jump support
- Added: Windows XP color compliant and theme support
- Fixed: Silly bug when replacing

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