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28th November 2001

PureBasic V2.70 Released (Windows)

- Added: ChangeSysTrayIcon(), SysTrayIconToolIip(), ExpandTreeGadgetItem(), TreeGadgetItemState()
- Added: DisableMenuItem(), GadgetToolTip(), StatusBarIcon()
- Added: UseGadgetList(), TransparentSpriteColor(), ClipSprite(), CopySprite(), GrabSprite()
- Added: ProgramParameter()
- Added: Thread library
- Added: '!' support to include raw asm command in the code source (directly managed by NAsm)
- Added: Multilevel (100) Undo/Redo in the editor
- Added: Colored syntax when pasting (Yes ;-)

- Updated: StatusBarText(): 2 flags for alignement (Center & Right)
- Updated: ReadData() now returns the number of byte read
- Updated: The debugger is now an high priority thread (much more responsible)

- Changed: PlaySound(), Added a flag to play looping
- Changed: SetStatusBarText() -> StatusBarText()
- Changed: InitSprite(): removed the sprite parameter

- Fixed: DatabaseQuery(), GetPathPart(), LoadSprite() (Can now load sprite of any size)
- Fixed: CloseScreen(): can now switch FullScreen/Windowed without any problems. Cool.
- Fixed: Compiler bugs (MultiArray in Procedures, Read data in Procedures)
- Fixed: Flickering in the editor

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