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6th November 2001

PureBasic V2.60a (Windows)

- Added: Database library
- Added: Compressor library
- Added: Console library (Thanks to Sylvain)
- Added: CopyMemory(), CatchJPEGSprite(), LoadJPEGSprite(), WindowMouseX(), WindowMouseY()
- Added: MovieSeek(), MovieInfo(), DrawImage(), ScreenOutput(), WindowOutput()
- Added: ImageOutput(), CreateImage()
- Added: Possibility to use the 2DDrawing library directly on Game screens
- Added: XOR and Fill/Outline mode for 2D Drawing functions
- Added: -1 feature to FreeMemory() to free all banks in one call.
- Added: New flag for RunProgram(): run synchronously and possibility to hide it.
- Added: Powerful Asm Monitor in the debugger (in a Basic langage !)
- Added: Variable viewer in the debugger

- Changed: All old MemoryBank functions renamed.
- Changed: ReadMemory() and WriteMemory renamed -> ReadData(), WriteData()
- Changed: The purebasic library format (see the SDK for more info)
- Changed: Renamed DrawingOutput() to StartDrawing() and doesn't take a WindowID() anymore
- Changed: Eof() take one parameter now

- Fixed: StopModule() (Removed the #Module) parameter
- Fixed: A small compiler bug
- Fixed: PlayMovie()
- Fixed: Debugger while using ASM commands inside PureBasic
- Fixed: Clipboard paste within the editor doesn't change the font anymore
- Fixed: A big debugger bug introduced with 2.60. Sorry folks !

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