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23th September 2001

PureBasic V2.50 (Windows)

- Added: Mouse library
- Added: Movie library
- Added: Sort library
- Added: DisplayTranslucideSprite(), DisplayAlphaSprite(), DisplayShadowSprite(), DisplayRGBFilter()
- Added: ChangeAlphaIntensity(), ClearScreen(), OpenWindowedScreen(), DisplaySolidSprite()
- Added: CloseScreen(), SetFrameRate(), IsScreenActive(), StartSpecialFX(), StopSpecialFX()
- Added: ResizeGadget(), JoystickAxisX(), JoystickAxisY(), ChangeGamma(), SetWindowCallback()
- Added: Red(), Green(), Blue()
- Added: Procedure address (@ProcedureName())
- Added: Support for 'Console' executable format

- Changed: LoadSprite()
- Changed: DisplayPalette (Removed the screen argument)
- Changed: ExamineJoystick()
- Changed: OpenScreen (added Text$ parameter)
- Changed: FontRequester (added initial fontname and size)
- Changed: Frame3DGadget (Added a border style flag)

- Fixed: Bugs in DirectX routines (Sprite, Keyboard, Movie). Now it multitasks very well !
- Fixed: Icon support for ToolBar and Image library
- Fixed: SelectedFontName()
- Fixed: ClearGadgetItemList() when used with TreeGadget()
- Fixed: LoadFont() (Incorrect YSize)


- Added: Optionnal autosave before compiling
- Added: Any font support
- Added: Enable/Disable syntax coloration
- Added: 2 new components for coloring: 'Normal Text' and 'Procedures/Commands'
- Added: Realtime langage, font, color changing
- Added: new 'About' window, much better ;-)

- Updated: ultra-fast syntax highlighting when loading the source file
- Updated: syntax highlightning behavior fixed and changed (much better)

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