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1st August 2001

PureBasic V2.40 (Windows)

- Added: MemoryBank library
- Added: StatusBar library
- Added: Image library
- Added: Systray library
- Added: Data support commands: Read, Restore, Data, DataSection, EndDataSection
- Added: Float number support (early stage)
- Added: EventlParam(), EventwParam(), ListIndex(), ListCount(), ChangeCurrentElement()
- Added: ToolBarImageButton(), EventMouseButton(), UseDirectory()
- Added: CreatePopupMenu(), DisplayPopupMenu(), ListIconGadget()
- Added: TreeGadget(), ImageGadget(), ButtonImageGadget(), AddTreeGadgetItem()
- Added: AddListIconGadgetItem(), ChangeListIconGadgetDisplay(), AddGadgetColumn()

- Changed the default type from 'Word' (16 bits) to 'Long' (32 bits)
- Changed: WaitWindowEvent()/WindowEvent() returns all Windows events !
- Changed: ComboBoxGadget(), PanelGadget() and ListViewGadget()
- Changed: ExamineDirectory(): Number added to allow to examine several directories at the same time

- Fixed: CopyFile() (Overwrite doesn't work)
- Fixed: FrontColour() (Text colour doesn't change..)
- Fixed: GetGadgetState(), SetGadgetState() and RemoveGadgetItem() to support PanelGadget

- Removed: InitWindow(), InitRequester(), InitToolBar(), InitFont(), InitFile() and InitMenu()

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